Our Team

Professionals who understand Team Work

Our Team


Professionals who understand Team Work, Quick Response & Strong Co-ordination An Eagle’s eye for every minute, detail that goes into the Manufacturing Process. Ensure healthy relationship with Buyers through Constantine action aimed at continuous improvement.

Quality Assurance

With our investment in advanced technology and trained personnel, we emphasize trust on Quality Assurance. By delivering the right goods at the right time we seek a Lasting relationship with all our clients. At the end, we are awaiting your valuable feedback and suggestion regarding Our Company and we may request you to let us get the opportunity to serve You our best quality service.

We can assure you, that you will find the Perfect and Reliable Apparel Exporter. Our Major Clients REDGREEN AND IDA-T Magasin Essentials. Completely we are Focusing in Europe Market. Our Specialist in Garment washing i.e. Different type of Washing (i.e.) Silicon wash and Enzyme wash in softer feeling.

Human Resource Development

We train our staff, Labor with tremendous Training and Motivation to make the PRODUCTIVITY with LESS WORK AND HIGH GROWTH. We approach all our staff with Team Enthusiasm.

We Are Always Aim to Acheive optimal quality!
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