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Facilities & Infrastructure

Unquestionably, the success of our company heavily relies on our infrastructure divisions. Undeniably, these divisions play pivotal roles , from manufacturing to distribution in our company. Our manufacturing division is the heart of our company . Here, raw materials are transformed into beautiful and wearable pieces. Furthermore, this division isn't just about sewing machines and fabrics. Indeed, it also involves intricate systems and structures.

Machinery For instance, the machinery in our manufacturing division is a key component . These machines, ranging from sewing to embroidery machines, are critical. Additionally, maintenance of these machines is just as important. Workforce Moreover, the workforce in the manufacturing division is crucial to us and these talented individuals ensure the smooth flow of operations. Notably, their skills and expertise contribute greatly to our company's success . Unquestionably, our Quality Control Division is vital in maintaining our company's reputation. In particular, its role is to ensure that all of our products meet our company's standards.

Inspection is the main function of the quality control division. Every garment we manufacture undergoes thorough inspection. Hence, any defects are identified and corrected before distribution. Our distribution division plays an integral role . Essentially, this division ensures that all our quality products reach the customers. Consequently, it greatly influences our customer satisfaction and the company reputation. logistics is another crucial aspect of our company. This involves planning, implementing, and controlling the efficient movement of goods. Ultimately, this ensures that all our products reach the customers on time and in perfect condition across the world .

At Sri Jayaprabha Exports , manufacturing infrastructure divisions typically consist of various departments and facilities that work together to produce high-quality garments . These divisions are crucial for ensuring efficient and smooth operations throughout the manufacturing process.
Infrastructure Divisions

Our Departments

1. Production Department: This department oversees the actual production of our garments. It includes cutting, sewing, and finishing sections where skilled workers transform raw materials into finished products.

2. Quality Control Department: This division is responsible for maintaining strict quality standards throughout the manufacturing process. Quality control inspectors conduct inspections at different stages to identify and rectify any defects or issues.

3. Supply Chain Management: This division manages the flow of materials, components, and finished products within our company. It ensures that the necessary raw materials are available on time and coordinates with suppliers and logistics partners to optimize the supply chain.

4. Research and Development: This division focuses on innovation and improvement in our garment manufacturing processes. It explores new technologies, materials, and techniques to enhance product quality, efficiency, and sustainability of our company.

5. Maintenance Department: This division is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of our machinery, equipment, and infrastructure within our manufacturing facility. Our regular maintenance ensures smooth operations and minimizes downtime.

6. Human Resources: The HR department handles recruitment, training, and management of the workforce for our company. They ensure that skilled and qualified personnel are available to operate the machinery and perform various tasks in the manufacturing process.

7. Environmental and Sustainability Division: We now have dedicated divisions focused on environmental sustainability. These divisions implement eco-friendly practices, monitor compliance with environmental regulations, and promote sustainable manufacturing processes. These divisions work together to create a well-structured manufacturing infrastructure that enables our company, Sri Jayaprabha Exports to produce high-quality garments efficiently and meet customer demands from various part of the world.
Our Working process

How We Work

  • It all starts from Quality Yarn purchasing.
  • Proceeding to testing the yarn quality.
  • Programming the require GSM in knitting and checking the Greige rolls before dyeing.
  • Always doing the bio wash and some other value processing to assure the good soft hand feel and ensure very less billings.
  • Sending to the printing with required GSM and all crucial quality parameters and make all kind of prints like rotary print in pigment, reactive, discharge and also digital AOP prints.
  • After printing and finishing we conduct the fabric inspection to proceed further to cutting procecss.
  • Cutting department ensure the required pcs weight, quality then start the cutting process.
  • After cutting we check the cut panels to avoid the garment rejection and replace the defective panels.
  • If there is any kind of emb or print, which is done and we recheck the quality before sending it to the stitching process.
Our Productive Strength


Outer wear


  • Tee's, polo's, sweat shirt, jacket, Henley's
Inner wear


  • Tank top, Gym vest, racer top, camisole, spaghetti
Bottom wear


  • Track pant, shorts, joggers, legging, capri
Under garments


  • Briefs, trunks, boxer shorts, etc.







Special M/C


Total M/C Capacity


We Are Always Aim to Acheive optimal quality!
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