Knitting division: Our dynamic and skilled workers are well experienced in knitting different kinds of fabric and help us to attain the best quality products. The company is also importing the fancy fabrics like Polar Fleece from Taiwan and knit the fabrics into first class garments.

Processing units: We have knowledgeable work force in the processing unit and so they well execute the dyeing and printing process to perfection. We have the machineries of latest technology and it result in a high rate of daily delivery. We also equipped Centralised Steam Boiler Ironing and Packing Section.

Sampling and production: We have well experienced and qualified workers in our sampling and production departments and we make different designs and styles to suit the needs of the customers.

Accessories division: Is the most relevant part which handled by our own people. Sequences items, Beats work, Studs, Stone Fixing, Hand Embroidery, Cotton Crochet Flowers, Non-PVC Patches, Leather Patches, Satin bows, Cotton Bows, And all types of Harmless Labels with Ultrasonic Finishing. We use Oekotex Certified Sewing Thread, Branded Zippers and Snap Buttons.